About e-Genius

e-Genius app is the first-ever Bangladeshi student-generated content platform where students can upload their creative activities such as classwork, drawings, science projects, storytelling, recitation, creative contents, etc. as images and videos. All the contents uploaded here will be stored in an archive; this is how e-Genius is going to be a new horizon for Bangladeshi students to explore different stuff. Besides, e-Genius will organize programs for students from time to time. In this context, this year, e-Genius is going to organize the e-Genius Hunt competition. 

e-Genius Hunt is a Bangladeshi mobile app-based talent hunting program for the students from class 1 to class 10, which is going to take place from November 16 to December 16, 2020, on the occasion of Mujib Borsho (Mujib 100).

All the genius out there, now you can show your talent from home by uploading your content on the e-Genius mobile app.

Your competition contents may include-

  • Drawing
  • Storytelling
  • Recitation
  • Singing
  • Animation
  • Idea Project

What can you do in the App?

  • Students can upload photos/images and videos.
  • Guests can watch the uploaded contents and like their favorites.

How to register on the App?

Students can install the app on their parent’s phones and register with their information to participate in the competition. Guests will also have to register to like & share the contents. 

Students will have to provide the following information to register on the e-Genius mobile app.

  • Name
  • Email (parent’s email)
  • Password
  • Phone Number (Parent’s number)
  • School Name

After Registration, students can show their hidden talent by uploading videos and images of their chosen competition contents. 

For image submission: image size should not exceed 1MB, and format should be JPG and PNG.

For video submission: video length should not exceed 3 minutes, and the format should be MP4.

It will be a form of entertainment for the students who are stuck at home in this COVID-19 pandemic. Besides, students can learn many things. 

All the content uploaded through the e-Genius app will be stored as a digital archive on e-genius.tv website. After the competition, the winners will be awarded a prestigious e-Genius badge and much more. Moreover, the competition will build confidence in the students, which will eventually help to enlighten their future. Join the competition and Stand for the future

With the rapid spread of information and communication technology, virtual activities are on the rise, and children’s attention is being limited. Virtual activities are hindering the balanced mental and physical growth of tender-hearted children.

In this context, Manobsheba has announced the “E-Genius Hunt” program, which is a part of e-Cab to ensure the positive use of the Internet. E-Cab believes that building a capable generation is essential for the greater future of Bangladesh.